Course Outline

This is a 2.5 day-course covering the philosophy, science and technique of
Fascial Integration Therapy.
The lecture/didactic portion will comprise 30% of the class.The other 70% of the time will be spent in the lab learning/practicing the method.

Course objectives:

  • Understand fascia anatomo-physiology,  osteopathic lesion definition, tensegrity concept applied to fascia and human movement.
  • Be able to identify key points localisation, fascial chains and joints.
  • Learning the manipulative gesture.
  • Patient-practitioner care relationship, notion of non-separability.
  • Be able to feel the fascial restriction and release.
  • Apply knowledge to perform a complete treatment in a safe and effective manner.

The entirety of the method will be delivered during the 3 days of the seminar.  

Learning environment:

  • Illustrated lecture, classroom/clinic setup.
  • Open inquiry atmosphere; questions encouraged.
  • Participants will exchange palpation and practice Fascial Integration Therapy on one another under the supervision of the instructors.

Day 1:

  • Introduction to the method, history.
  • Update on fundamental model of structural Osteopathy (SOFM).
  • Application of SOFM to connective tissue/fascia practice.
  • Biotensegrity applied to osteopathic physiology and pathology.
  • Complementarity with other forms of osteopathic or manual treatments.
  • Expected reactions/effects to the treatment.
  • treatment on newborns, pregnant women and elders.
  • Superior limb sequence: key points, tests, symptomatology, technique.
  • Clinical cases: epicondylalgy, carpal tunnel syndrome, cervico-brachialgia..

Day 2:

  • Questions-discussion
  • Inferior limb sequence: tests, symptomatology, technique.
  • Clinical cases: ankle sprain, painful knee, hip dysfunctions..
  • Thoracic and lumbar spine sequence: tests, symptomatology, technique.
  • Practice on pelvis: key points, tests, symptomatology, technique.
  • Clinical cases: acute and chronic lumbar pain, sciatalgia, cruralgia..

Day 3:

  • Questions-discussion
  • Cervical spine sequence: key points, tests, symptomatology, technique.
  • Practice on TMJ: key points, tests, symptomatology, technique.
  • Clinical cases: cervical issues, stiff neck, TMJ dysfunctions
  • Practice on abdomen: approach using the 3 different lines
  • Full sequence practice.
  • General review, questions, certificate, farewell

Current registration as a practicing Physical Therapist, Osteopathic practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist, Chiropractor or Acupuncturist.
Be prepared to participate in the course including the lab/practical sessions.
In order to ensure appropriate patient care, it is important that the practitioner experiences the treatment in an educational setting.
Please dress accordingly (comfortable and loose clothes, boxer or short pants).

Date note: March 10, 11 and 12 2023 - Montréal
May 5, 6 and 7 2023 - Vancouver

Event cost: 2.5 day-course, $750+GST.

Payment: E-transfer or cheques

Other information:
2.5 days, Fri 5-9pm Sat/Sun 08:30-5:00. Two 15 minute-breaks and a one hour-lunch. Lunch not provided. Some course venues have restrictions about our capacity to offer coffee and snacks during breaks in the classrooms (we recommend that you bring some of your favorite snacks with you).

Schedule and location: Greater Vancouver-location TBD. Details will be sent via email approximately 3 weeks ahead of the course start.

Cancellation policy: If you have to cancel, a $50 admin fee up until 3 weeks prior to the course will be incurred. If you must cancel after this date, due to the allocation of funds for course participants at this time, we will be able to only provide a 50% refund.  Note:-Please do not make any non-refundable travel arrangements until you have received final confirmation that the workshop is running. Fascial Integration Therapy is not responsible for any costs, including, but not limited to, airline or hotel penalties. Fascial IntegrationTherapy reserves the right to cancel at any time with full refund. Should you need to cancel your registration, you must do so by email to [email protected]