About Us

Arnaud Fressin , Physiotherapist (Fr) & Osteopathic Practitioner

Physiotherapist since 2001, I started working in ski resorts in the Alps. Always looking for providing better treatment with my patients and being more performant. Then I decided to learn Manual Therapy seeking for the most efficient therapy. I met a lot of therapists with diverse backgrounds and approaches, all practicing different kind of hands-on therapies. 
Daily, I use Structural Osteopathy and Fascial Integration Therapy according to the patient’s need.
I learned Osteopathy at RORI Paris (I graduated in 2005) and at IFSO Rennes (France) (2010). I completed my learning on Fascial Therapy with the Moneyron and Niromathe methods, and from local bone-setters. Everyday, I can observe that those practices are complementary, one in the service of the other. My patients are from all ages, newborns to elders, pregnant women, athletes, workers... with a minimal treatment number.
"what I do, every one can do it, you can learn it."


Damien Dubouchet, Physiotherapist & Osteopathic Practitioner

Before moving to Canada in 2016,  I have been working as a Physiotherapist and an Osteopath in France for 15 years. Meeting and helping people has always been a passion for me. Throughout my career, I have attended numerous seminars and training courses to complete and improve my manual skills in order to provide my patients with the most appropriate treatment.
One of these courses I took marked a turning point in my understanding of the body and my treatment approach. Indeed, learning the Moneyron method, without really realising it, was my first encounter with the fascial-connective tissue.   
Later on in 2007, I was introduced to Osteopathy and that experience had a significant impact on my professional career. After 4 years of study at the IFSO Rennes (France) I  graduated as an Osteopath D.O. (Osteopathic Practitioner in BC). 
In Osteopathy, the therapist considers the body as a whole, composed of several systems which interact with one another, thanks to the connective tissue also known as fascia. 
Today, combining the understanding of the osteopathic concept to this outstanding  hands-on treatment that we name Fascial Integration Therapy, I aim to tend my patients in both clinics I work in Burnaby and Squamish (BC).

Working together

Arnaud and Damien met at the Osteopathy school in Rennes in 2010 but it is their immigration to Canada (Arnaud in Montréal and Damien in Vancouver) and their similar evolution in the practice that really connect them. Indeed, both convinced of the major role that the Fascial tissue plays in the body balance they shared their experience and put their knowledge in common to build the Fascial Integration Therapy.  Given a few times in Montréal by Arnaud only and under the name of “Osteopathy myofascial structurelle”,  they are both eager to introduce you to this amazing method of treatment.